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The big difference in bowing, comparing vdg with other stringed instruments like violoncello or violin, is the position of the right hand and the shape of the bow:

Because of this, up- and down bow are opposite to the bowing on the cello.
This influences the sound, the articulation and several ‘modern’ bowing techniques:

spicatto: In this position the bow can’t really jump in as quick and controlled a way as a cello bow. Playing short articulation quickly is of course still possible.
col legno: Because of the vdg’s rich overtones col legno has a special effect. Col legno battutto is different because it can be less controlled; however, as a French vdg bow is very curved, it jumps well. Still, I can play it using a cello bowing technique.
sul ponticello and sul tasto: special because of the rich overtones and the brilliant or extremely sharp sound.