nederlands / english

Because of the frets, the shape of the bow and the right hand position, playing chords is used a lot in vdg ‘traditional’ repertoire. Because of the 7 strings, a chord can contain up to 7 notes.

Please keep the left hand position in mind; chords have to be playable. Also, very quick changes from one chord to another can cause problems if the left hand has to change position a lot!

Chords can be played in different ways:

broken: usually in vdg repertoire starting at the lowest note, but can of course be the other way round
simultaneously: the rather flat bridge allows playing up to 5 strings at the same time.
The more strings that sound at the same time, the quicker the bow stroke has to be and the more pressure has to be used by the player. Double stops (2 strings) can be played pp, 3 strings played at the same time will be ƒƒ!